Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Week In Photos 04/13/14-04/19/14

Wow!  Our little ducks aren't so little anymore.

It's about time for me to start building their floating duck house.

The chicken barn is shaping up!
I can't wait!

 Side view of the nesting boxes

  Back side of the barn.  The door to the chicken yard will be in the middle.

A look at the coop area.  The tool shed is on the end.

Great view of what will be the coop area.  The inside of the barn will be open to the chickens, and will have a door opening to the chicken yard.
Nice coop door.  

 The tool shed will be great for storage!

Wire, doors, yard, roosting bar, roosting ladder, wire, straw....and it will be Moving In Day!
That's all they can talk about!  I think they are excited about their new home.  Until then, they appreciate their old pen.  Hang in there chicks.  It will probably be just two more weeks! 

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