Friday, April 25, 2014


Why, as women, are we always drawn into discontentment? Always desiring the bigger home, newer car, the nicer clothes?

I believe it's something of an 'Eve-syndrome', having the entire lovely lush garden at her disposal and she still could not say no to the forbidden fruit.

Contentment is vitally important to the Christian woman in so many ways. She is not out destroying the budget, she lives simply minding her own business, she is at peace because she is happy with what she has and not stirring up strife with her husband to get him to purchase things they cannot afford.

Contentment makes for a happy heart and home. Contentment can be seen in the eyes of the soul of a woman. It is so sad to see on the faces of woman the dissatisfied and restless look of discontentment. It is the joyous woman who is contented where the Lord has placed her as a mother raising children and delighted with the husband he appointed for her . If we are not careful the world can easily deceive us into thinking that we are not content. The world bombards us with ads, tv shows, magazines, ideas and agendas about why we need more and how we need to put ourselves first. If that is not a lie from the pit of hell, I don't know what is. But will we be so naive as to believe it?

Discontentment comes in so many areas we must be wise to it's sly, subtle attacks. You might be at a friends house and admire it and go home utterly discontented. You might be overwhelmed with your children and always think 'I need to get out of here.' You look into your closet and see nothing to wear. You look at your church and wish that the people were different. You look into your purse and wish you had more money. You look at your husband and wish he were different....when will the madness end?

It ends here.

We will no longer entertain silly and foolish thoughts that hinder us and those we love. Instead, we choose to be sober-minded women who take up our cross and lay down our lives (and minds) for Christ for their is true beauty in that. We cannot influence the world for God's glory if we are caught up in the ugliness of covetousness and discontentment. So we throw off that hinders and we trust in God and His provision over our lives and we train ourselves for godliness and contentment. --A Wise Woman

"But godliness with contentment is great gain." 1 Timothy 6:6

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