Thursday, April 24, 2014

DIY Feed Bag Market Tote

This is a tote I made as a practice run.  It only took 20 minutes or so.  Next time I will actually measure and go precisely by the directions on the Fresh Eggs Daily blog. 

First I cut the top and bottom off of the bag.  This was a small 25 lb. bag of Chick Starter so it wasn't a large bag.   

Next, I turned the bag inside out.

I sewed the bottom seam.

I held the corner and folded it so that I could sew a seam opposite of the bottom seam.  This makes the bottom of the bag square. 

This is what it looks like when you sew the corners.

The triangular part can be cut off just below the seam.

At first I made my handles out of scrap pieces of the feed bag, but I didn't like them. Instead, I used a strap from an old bag I already had.  Next time I will use straps like Lisa used on her blog

Fold the top of the bag down an inch or so.  Place the strap under the seam and sew it.  Then bring the strap forward and sew it closer to the top of the bag.

Sew a seam around the top of the bag. 

And there you have it!  Here is how the side seam looks.  Notice how it makes the bottom of the bag flat. I didn't get my sides even, but I will next time!

I will use a pair of self adhesive velcro tabs to close the bag.

Awww, look who hatched while I was making my tote bag!


  1. Awesome bag! Made me want to go out and buy chicken feed for chickens I don't have. Sweet baby chick -- what a Creator we worship!

  2. Thank you Pamela! Our Creator is amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog. Stop by often.

  3. What a fabulous bag! And I bet it's quite easy to clean, too :) I am visiting from dear JES' blog and it was so nice popping in to say hi.

    Take care and enjoy your week!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I love JES' blog myself. Thanks for visiting my blog. Visit me often. Have a blessed day!


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