Friday, April 4, 2014

In The Process Of Building Our New Chicken Barn

We moved and we now have an old rustic barn that will be our new chicken barn!

Here are the plans!  I'm not very artistic when it comes to drawing!
(side view)

The barn is around 24x14 so it will be plenty spacious.  A 6x12 chicken coop will be securely built with 1/2 inch wire inside the barn. I will also bury some wire under the dirt around the coop to prevent any predator from digging under it.  The nesting boxes will be two rows of 6 for a total of 12 nesting boxes.  My husband wants to build a small 4x6 shed inside the barn as well.  We are leaving the original boards on one side and half of the back. This will be nice for the chickens on rainy days.  The rest of the barn, from top to bottom,  will be enclosed with wire such as dog wire. Smaller wire, about 2-3 feet high, will run around the barn and yard to keep tiny chicks inside. The chicken yard will have a wire top to protect the baby chicks from hawks. I have a cute idea for their dust bath!  I have an old rubber tire rim from an eighteen wheeler that will make a perfect dust bath.  I plan to paint it a bright color like yellow.  I will take pictures of the building process. Today we removed the boards from one side of the barn.  Anticipation is killing me.  I am so eager to have it completed, yet I think it will be a slow process.

In the mean time, the chicks still have their old coop and are enjoying free-ranging. 
This is a picture of the coop before we moved.  It is still the same.

It would be great if they stayed out in the yard instead of their frequent visits to my back door.  They can make a mess on my carport, but I love them anyhow.

Here is a pretty nesting box! 

Healthy and FLUFFY hens!

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