Monday, May 19, 2014

A Week In Pictures

Wire is now on the chicken barn! 
We are burying the wire underground to prevent predators from digging under.  
The wire also goes up high enough to close a gap near the barn roof. 

 The chicken yard will be built off the back soon.  

 We need to buy the one inch wire for the coop area and the yard wire, and then the barn to be complete. 
 Hopefully next Saturday!

  We still have to put wire on the front door, and a few boards on the side of the barn.
Notice my new rose bush.  I want to plant more all around the chicken barn. 

 The ducks are growing and doing great!

 One duck seems to be getting a curly tail feather like a drake.  I hope so. I hope the other 3 are hens. 

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