Monday, May 12, 2014

Creamy Turkey & Wild Rice Soup and Fresh Multi-Grain Bread

This was a great way for me to use baked turkey left-overs!  The whole family loved it!

First add a little butter to a stock pot. Sauté onions, shredded carrots, and celery until soft.
Next, add a box of Swanson Chicken Broth. 
 I may also use 1-2 cups of broth from my turkey, if I didn't use it all in my dressing. 

 Then, add two boxes of Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice Original Recipe and the enclosed seasoning packet.

After the rice is done, add left over turkey and simmer.


 Finally, add a pint of heavy cream.  Let the soup simmer on low for a few minutes.  If the soup simmers longer, you may need to add a little water or more heavy cream.

Serve with love!

 The bread was awesome!  I used a box of Fleischmann's Simply Homemade Multi-Grain bread.  I just followed the instructions on the box.  It was even better than the bread at Longhorn Steakhouse!

Notice the beautiful soup bowl and ladle.  The bread plate came with the set as well.  I purchased this at a yard sale or a Goodwill store.  I can't remember which, but isn't it lovely?


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It looks really tasty and easy which is just my style ;)

    1. It is easy. Everyone seems to love it. My daughter and her friends loved it too. It's a keeper.
      God bless,


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