Monday, May 5, 2014

The Legacy of Home: Cancer

I wanted to share this  post from The Legacy of Home blog.

The Discipline of Cancer
Standing in the Rain under Tree

When I was pregnant with my fifth child, I was diagnosed with cancer. My doctor was afraid I wouldn't live long enough to give birth. I remember him scheduling my appointments during his lunch hour, just to make sure he was able to see me. His sacrifice and kindness during this nightmare was comforting.

I did a lot of research and learned about real nutrition. I stopped drinking milk, gave up junk food, sugar, and started eating more raw foods. I will never forget walking through a supermarket looking at Oreo cookies and Lays potato chips and almost crying because I could not eat them. I needed to live. My cancer was spreading and I had to avoid anything that would make it worse. I had to eat real, live foods - like apples, carrots and whole grains. I had this terror about eating even one bite of chocolate cake. I wouldn't dare!

I used to tell myself that things like devil dogs, were of the devil. (smiles) These foods, like sins, are designed to kill us off - both physically and spiritually. A strong, disciplined life was a necessity. 

Not only did I have to live, but so did the baby. I built up a tremendous discipline. I did not give- in to temptation. I lived a very structured life and ate only what was good for me. By the time the baby was born, I was very healthy, despite the cancer cells. I had surgery - a hysterectomy. I continued to suffer physically for many years, but slowly I healed. 

This discipline of eating for survival carried into my spiritual life. I was less likely to give-in to other temptations -  anger, putting off Bible reading, laziness, etc. I was able to live a very structured religious life. It was because of my suffering that I began to yield to God's ways. I was meek and quiet under the rod of affliction.

Even today, 14 years after that terrible time, I notice that if I eat healthy foods and completely avoid processed, man-made foods, my spiritual life becomes stronger.

The discipline of cancer had a lesson for me. It takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice, hard work and prayer to live the life of an overcomer.

Right now, I need that discipline back. I am failing in many ways. I need to remember the history and learn from my lessons. Why do we forget? Why do we fall back into the old ways? Today, I will make a plan - both for food and one for religious duties. May God help us all stay on track!

Mrs. White

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