Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weekly Pics May 6, 2014

A walk and...a talk??? Maybe so!

 Beautiful feather cape!

 Gotta go! Gotta go! Gotta go lay an egg right now!

Fonzie stands guard.

 Don't ruffle my feathers!

Now, let's see.... I know it's here somewhere. 

Fonzie and Miss Basil

 No wonder the hens are so plump!

How a graceful lady walks.

 Excuse me!  I'm taking my dust bath!

Seen any bugs around here?

What are those hens cackling about?

Follow me ladies.

 Elsa is so fluffy!

Hi chicks!

Grasshoppers, crickets, and worms...Oh my!

 Is that a bug on that tree?

(Side view) Almost ready for the wire!

Doors, doors, and more doors.

 View from the back right side

Front left corner view

The door goes up on the tool shed.

I love the shade trees around the chicken barn. After the barn is completed, I'm going to give it some fresh paint, a beautiful wreath, and a few rose bushes!

Inside view of the tool shed and coop area before the coop door was installed.

 Idea!!! I need name plates on a few of these nesting boxes!  

 Added an extra walking bar in front of the boxes.

I hope we have 3 hens and one drake!

 Ducks have the most fun!

Can't wait to give them names!
Uncle Waldo
even though they aren't geese!

Taking a bath after playing in the mud.

"Something just brushed up against my leg!"

Mmmmm, pond moss is good!

Here is the duck house not yet finished and before adding floating devices underneath.  The dock is still flooded, so I thought that I would see how they take to it first. If they like it, I will add an entry ramp and brace it to the sides like a draw bridge.

Smile for the camera!


They are still eating Chick Starter.

Let's all have a taste.

My serious look.

Show off!

Just floating around looking pretty.

Returning from the mud hole.

Meet Sassafras
 I don't know if this little chick is a hen or rooster, but it's full of sass and loves attention!


  1. That is so funny about your little chick, since its been a month since this post, I bet it has tripled in size. Chicken coop looks awesome, I remember them well.

  2. Yes Sassafras has grown. I just posted another picture of her in my June posts. The title is Tour Of The Chicken Barn On Clean -Up Day.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for hosting link-ups!
    God bless,


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