Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Daughter's Dressing Room

My latest project has been fixing up a dressing room for my daughter, Lea. 
Bear in mind, this would not be possible without
 thrifty shopping!
This room was originally an extra bedroom. Since it joins my daughter's bedroom and is only accessible by going through her room, I decided to turn it into a dressing room. 
We moved the old furniture out yesterday, painted the walls, and fixed it up.  Yes, I am tired!

Enjoy the pictures!

My mother gave Lea this old dresser.  I painted it black, and it is now her vanity.
I found this beautiful lamp at a thrift store while vacationing in Hilton Head.

I printed and framed Proverbs 31:25 NLT
I found a set of two of these frames at a
Goodwill in Hilton Head, SC. for $2.

Monday, after a doctor's appointment, I thought I would swing by a 
thrift store on the way home
I found this futon for only $19.99!
It was in excellent condition, but I bought a new black cover
for it.
I would like
to find a round floor table or coffee table
 to place in front of the futon.

The chair was given to me by a friend. I used the other chairs and table in my 

I still need to find a small black table that will sit in front of this window.  Lea will use it 
as her "nail station". She also
needs an area rug. 

 The vintage make up mirror was purchased a couple weeks ago at an 
antique store. 
I need to get a couple of storage bins for the 
shelf in the corner so she can store some of her accessories.

 This was an idea that my daughter found on Pinterest.  It is aquarium rocks inside of a large glass that we found at a Goodwill store.  It's great for holding make up brushes.

I have a few more prints to frame and hang on the wall to the left in this picture.  
I also need to find
a small set of chest of drawers for extra clothes.
 I may make a trip to the nearest Goodwill today.
I think I may have an addiction to thrift stores! Haha!
(I changed the curtains behind the futon by taking the valance out and pulling the 2 shear panels together.  New picture below.)

 This chandelier was found in a booth at an antique mall for only $15!

I also printed and framed Proverbs 31:30.

Well, that's all until my next trip to a thrift store.
I never know what I'm going to find!

as of 08/13/14 7:40 pm

Yay, I got two more tables today! 
They were given to me by a friend!

 I'm going to add another glass and a
 saucer to make this 3 tiered. 

I still need an area rug.


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    1. Thanks, Stasia for your lovely comment. When I clicked on your comment, I was looking for the other comments and realized that many comments for this post were put on my link up # 10 post. Haha I knew I wasn't imagining those othere comments. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. What an exquisite makeover. And what a lucky girl your daughter is! My own daughter would be delighted to have such a gorgeous boudoir :)

    1. Thanks for such a lovely complement. My daughter and I both like the room. It was a fun project.
      God bless.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, leslie. I appreciate your lovely comment.

  4. You are doing an awesome job of decorating, with some great finds, I love the whole room, the chandelier is great, $15 wow. Enjoy your day!!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. We do love the chandelier. It pays to visit thrift stores.
      God bless.

  5. This is such a cute room! I really like the chandelier.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog.
      God bless

  6. You have made your daughter a wonderful retreat. So creative! I hope she loves it!

    1. She does. Thank you very much.
      God bless.

  7. Oh what a great job you did. And thrifty too! What a great idea for that space.

    1. Thanks for the nice compliments.
      God bless.

  8. Such a fun redo, your daughter must love it!

    1. Yes she does. We both love it.
      God bless.

  9. What a fun room to re-do. I really love that lamp! So nice. Thank you so much for sharing over at Celebrate it Sunday!


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