Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Link Up #18

Welcome to Link Up #18!
Please continue to pray for Connie.
She is still in ICU following a severe case of pancreatitis.
I thank everyone who has prayed and continues to pray. 
Your prayers mean so very much!  That is why I would like to take this time to mention a very special lady, Mrs. Cheryl from Homespun Devotions.   She has faithfully prayed for Connie throughout her illness.  Saturday Mrs. Cheryl and her family drove to Georgia to pray for Connie. To have such compassion and love for someone she has never met shows how the Holy Spirit has filled her with His own love.  
She has been such a blessing.
When Connie wakes up,
 there will be so much
 to tell her!
Thank you

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  1. Oh, Chris!! I am crying so hard after reading your dear, sweet words! I cannot thank you enough. God only knows how much my family and I needed this encouragement tonight! I called Kevin and Zach to come in here and read your precious compliments, and they were so touched, also. You are so dear to me, and I hope it works out for us to meet if God allows us to ever come back your way. Love you dearly, sweet friend.

    1. It would be great to meet. I hope it will work out too. I hate that I missed you at the hospital Saturday!
      Love ya


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