Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Update on Taylor PLUS 12/04 UPDATE

I post this update without any doubt of God's healing power.  
So many prayers have reached the throne of Heaven for Taylor. 
I don't know if it's a proven fact or not, but it always seems the darkest and the coldest just before dawn. 

These darkest and coldest hours may be lingering for Taylor, but darkness always gives way to light. 
 God of the night and
 God of the day!
All power is given to Him!
Praise Him!
Now, here are worries that we lay at His feet:
Taylor is currently on a ventilator.  Her heart  rate is 185 bmp which is way too fast.  Her heart isn't pumping sufficient blood supply to her organs.  It is only working at medium capacity. This was caused by stress from the fluid build up. Doctors are trying to treat this by increasing the heart medication.  She was flown to Egleston's Childrens Hospital because they have more specialist to take care of her there.  The next 24 hours are critical.  If the heart medication doesn't improve her condition, she will need to go on full life support.
On top of all that, she has pancreatitis and a rhinovirus.
When we look at this, it is HUGE! We are powerless to do anything other than cry out to the King of Kings and place her in His hands.  This is so hard to do, especially for her grandmother and loved ones.  I am sure that they are aching to help her.  We need to pray for their strength and peace of mind during this horrifying time. 
Please touch and restore health to Taylor.  Give her doctors and nurses wisdom and guide them as they care for her. Comfort her loved ones with a peace You alone are able to give. We know you are the Great Physician.   You have power over sickness and disease. You alone sustain all life.  You are LIFE itself.  Every breath we take is given by You.  Thank you, Lord. In Jesus' name, amen.

UPDATE 12/04:
We have received wonderful news about Taylor today! 
My aunt called and said that her sister, Taylor's grandma, called with some miraculous news.  
Taylors heart rate is now down to 130 bpm which is a lot better than 185.
Her kidneys are functioning with no damage.
Please keep praying that the heart function will continue improving with medication.  We did find out that the swelling, breathing difficulty, and heart issues were caused from a virus.  They are expecting improvement and plan to taper her off of the ventilator during the next five days. Sounds like she won't need to go on full life support after all! 
Furthermore, looks like the Leukemia is in remission!
It's supernatural intervention!
Praise God, Jehovah Rapha!
We claim this for Taylor in the name of Jesus, our Healer!
Please keep prayingbelievingpraising, and thanking Him for all He is doing!
Here are the previous posts about Taylor:
 Watch the timer on this video, and get ready to rejoice when it's at 1:45 and 2:46!


  1. Praise God for all He has done! How is she doing by now? Trusting to hear continued good news. What a blessing to see God at work! Your hair looks beautiful!! Have you lost weight? I know you had posted a while back that you were trying, and you look thinner in the new pics, so I was just wondering!! I am going to start trying to lose weight again, after Christmas, Lord willing. Love you!

    1. Taylor is still having problems. She was doing much better and they were going to remove her from the ventilator, but last night she didn't have a good night. Her heart rate went up for a while, her temp was 105, and her blood pressure bottomed out. They think it was from some medication. Hopefully this will all be under control as soon as she gets over the infections and on less harsh medications. On a more positive side, they say that her Leukemia is "gone"! It is in remission, but she will go through a maintenance program with chemo for a while longer as protocol. Thank God!
      About me, I haven't really lost enough weight to mention, but I seem less "puffy". I think I was retaining fluid before. My daughter took some pictures of me after I had my hair lightened. I just couldn't get use to having darker hair after being blonde my whole life. Her Ipod and photo app made the pictures look great. I guess my face looked slimmer because of the way I was holding my head. I recently purchased some new clothes that fit more flattering. With my hair highlights and new clothes, I am inspired to lose some weight. I still need to lose 30 lbs.! I am very happy with the pictures that she took, but they do enhance my appearance. They encourage me!
      Love you!

  2. Glad to read the wonderful update on dear little Taylor! Our daughter was hospitalized a few years back and the power of prayer was the only comfort I had. He hears and listens and strengthens!

    Sorry I haven't been visiting much of late, we had out of town family all last month but feel so blessed we were able to have fellowship together! :)

    Stay warm and cozy!

    1. Thanks Jes. It's nice to be able to fellowship with family. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
      I will post another update on Taylor soon.
      God bless.

  3. What wonderful news, we shall keep praying for Taylor and her family. Thanks for linking this up so that we can join together to pray, from Terri at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


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