Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Love The Lord Your God With ALL Your Mind

The other day I heard a sermon on the radio, and I have thought on it so much here lately.  The sermon was about the greatest commandment,
"Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind." Matthew 22:37.
As the preacher began speaking about loving God with all your mind, I began to think about those words differently than before.  I began to see ways that I was not loving God with ALL my mind.
Whenever I dwell on a matter (even a prayer request!) more than I do God himself, it can become an idol (anything that gets more of my attention than God).
  I am allowing "something" to crowd out God.   If I love Him as I should, I should keep my mind on Him. The Bible says He will give us PERFECT peace if we keep our mind on Him. This is truly LOVING God with ALL our mind.
 Now, I know this is hard to do during our daily life, but I hope that I can apply it regularly to situations.
  For example, whenever I am overwhelmed
 with so many prayer needs, I'm just going to
 look up,
 surrender it all,
 and say,
 "Jesus, I love You!"
He knows every situation. In my own power, I can not change the way things are.  
 I must trust the Lord for all the answers.
See, God's answer may already be on the way, and I don't want to keep asking as if I have no faith in Him.
I don't want my mind flooded with burdens that I can do nothing about, other than surrender them to the Almighty. 
I know that we need to have a burden to pray for others, but I do not want to dwell on the burden. 
Yes, I will still pray and fast, but 
after I ask God to handle a situation, I don't want to keep dwelling on it. 
I want to love the Lord with
and I CAN NOT do that if my mind is consumed with the cares of this world.  I may have a burden so great that all I can do is cry and say
"God I love You." 
but I believe that when I do this, He will understand and He will give me perfect peace just as He has promised in His word.
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3
Isn't it amazing how these scriptures tie together?
What else can we possibly do other than trust in 
The Great I AM? 
Yes, we can help people, but our human ability is limited. We can work with our bodies, but our minds MUST stay on the Lord. 
The Spirit within us is strengthened that way. 
We can not be anxious or fearful for long if we love the Lord with ALL OUR MIND. 
Here is another example. 
My nephew had surgery today. After I had prayed for him a few times, I realized that I had been asking God over and over again for the same things. 
I am sure God heard me the first time. After all, He is God. 
Psalm 34:15 tells us that His ears are attentive to our cries. 
So the next time I thought to pray for my nephew, I didn't think about the surgery. I didn't worry about any "what ifs". I knew that the illness and surgery had already consumed enough of my thoughts, so I looked up and said, 
"God, I love You." 
and that took care of EVERYTHING! 
God knew what I was saying. 
He knew that I was saying thank You. 
He knew that I was saying, I trust You. 
He knew that I felt privileged being His child and able to ask Him for anything. 
He knew that I was asking Him to fill ALL MY MIND with His love, and to empty out every other care. 

Oh, how I love My Strong Tower! 
Lord, help me to keep my mind on YOU. 
Help me to love
You with
Our minds can get so wrapped up on other issues. Even our good intentions, family obligations, and even church duties can crowd God out if we are not loving God with 
My prayer is, 
Lord, crowd out every thought that manifests itself above You.


  1. Amen! "Lord, crowd out every thought..." Perfectly said. Thank you for this reminder to trust in Him who can do much greater than anyone or anything.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! God bless.

  2. What a perfect post for me to read today. I, too, push God to the background at times and don't even realize it. I want to remember your words, your advice as I walk my steps each day, each moment.
    Visiting from Juana's.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  3. God will give us perfect peace when our mind is stayed on Him. Paraphrased, but it works. Thanks for a lovely post reminding us to "Let Go" and Let God deal with it.

  4. "I don't want to keep asking as if I have no faith in him,"....ahhh, yes. That is my problem more often that I would like to admit. We only have to ask Him once, and He hears us. Surrendering it all is so freeing, yet can be so difficult. Thank you for the encouragement to hand everything over to The One who so lovingly carries our burdens.

  5. Thanks for sharing this great post with us at Good Morning Mondays, I appreciate it that you stop by and share your heart. Blessings

  6. So beautiful. May God accept our imperfect love. :)
    Have a blessed week ahead!


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