Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Judge All Things

Judge All Things
1 Corinthians 2

Tolerance has become a new religion in America.
With so many[including the church and Christians as individuals] doing what is right in their own eyes, the favorite verse in this day and age is Matthew 7:1,
“Judge not that you be not judged.”
We can no longer say, “This is right; that is wrong.”
  If we do, we are judging.
Many Christians are quick to say that Jesus said not to judge.
  On the contrary, Jesus said, “Judge righteous judgement,” and “He that is spiritual judgeth all things.”
The Bible is our standard.
 The clear teaching of the Bible is to recognize sin and call it sin!
  We are instructed to discriminate between right and wrong!
A word has many different meanings.  If you don’t comprehend what I am saying, then open a dictionary. 
For instance “Judge” in the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary has 6 meanings as a noun and 11 meanings as a verb. When used as a verb, here are a few of the meanings for “Judge”:
1.        to compare facts or ideas and perceive their agreement or disagreement
2.       to form an opinion; to bring to issue the reasoning or deliberations of the mind
3.       to hear and determine
4.       to discern; to distinguish, to consider accurately for the purpose of forming a conclusion
5.       To try; to examine
6.       Rightly to understand and discern
7.       To esteem; to reckon
8.       To rule or govern
9.       To doom to punishment; to punish
Why is it then that people irrationally presume that “judging” means to doom or to punish as in the last meaning listed above?
Because they want to!  People want an excuse not to call sin like it is. They don’t want to think that the things they enjoy are evil.
Just because we see sin in a person’s behavior does not mean that we are dooming one to hell.
We have to recognize sin in our own lives as well.  We are to discern what is evil, repent, and turn from it.
It is only common sense, basic knowledge, and the ABCs of a Christian life to recognize many of the sins tolerated today in our churches and in the individual lives of believers.
Along with the Bible and our prayer life, our inner witness, the Holy Spirit, helps us not to be so easily deceived.
The Bible warns that in the last days, many will be deceived.(Mark 13)
Unfortunately, there are many professing Christians today who rely on their own feelings as to whether something is right or wrong. They “judge” something on how it feels rather than testing it against God’s word.
What’s more astounding is the fact that so many professing Christians do not seem to care at all about discerning between right or wrong or good and evil! 
The Bible says, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.” 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22.
More than ever, Christians need discernment!  We must be prepared to distinguish light from darkness, truth from error, righteousness from unrighteousness, and purity from defilement.
 The church is rapidly losing the gift of discernment because of tolerance and people yelling, “Judge not!"
Wake up people! 
Prove all things by measuring them up against a standard, God’s word!
Here's an interesting fact.
The old Latin word for the word of God is “canon” which means “measuring stick”?
We learn discernment by reading and studying the Bible and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, not a seducing spirit!
God’s word is clear.  It is the rule of truth by which all is measured.
Thy word is truth!
The sad reason why discernment is lacking in the church today is because there is a famine of the word of God within the church body.  There is a spirit of the age, a seducing evil spirit, which leads one to believe that there is no right or wrong.
Likewise, Christians don’t want to be painted as negative or judgmental, so they don’t speak out.  Nowadays, you can hardly get a Christian to say anything negative about something questionable going on within the church. Why?
There are two likely answers. Either they are afraid of rocking the boat or they could care less.
  However, Jesus says,
 “Woe to you when all men speak well of you.”
  You won’t be popular for going against modern viewpoints.  Unfortunately, this is especially true within the church body.  It isn’t the lost who are the quickest to bite back with, “Don’t judge.” 
In spite of this, we are to contend for the faith!
What is more, many today are indifferent about separating divine truth from error, because they lack a daily practice of dividing the word in order to exercise true discernment.
 Weak doctrine is being preached within too many churches.  Cherry-picked verses are being applied to any argument of discernment.
Recently, I posted about a so called Christian band preforming at a concert passionately attended by several church goers.  This group wears masks that look somewhat like large birdlike skulls. Their music video is frightening, dark, and eerie.  Their music is spine-chilling screams similar to death metal.  They paint their eyes black, and have the appearance of evil.
Click here for video.
In my post, I plainly put the information and video out there so people could be aware of this band and judge for themselves if they should attend the concert.  I received a comment from a lady who considered herself as a “good” Christian who listens to nothing but Christian music these days.  She told me that I should not “judge”, and asked me how I could “judge” this group by their appearance.  She wrote that since I had used scripture, then she would also use scripture. However, even the devil knows the scriptures. To no surprise, she used John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.  To interpret verse 24 in its context, to judge not according to appearance means not to quickly judge by outward appearance or prima facie meaning at first glance. See, with the Pharisees, it was all about appearing religious.  Jesus was referencing himself.  His outward appearance was far from His real divinity and excellency, for He took upon himself the form of a servant.  He was telling the Pharisees not to judge Him only because of his humble look.  He knew He did not appear to be the one they had in mind as the Messiah.  Secondly, we indeed are instructed to judge righteous judgement which the Pharisees obviously lacked, as many Christians also lack.  We, as Christians, are definitely instructed to have righteous judgement (discernment) as a gift, and we are to abstain from all appearance of evil.  Thirdly, I was not “judging” this band by prima facie, meaning at first glance.  
Like I mentioned before, it should be common sense, the ABCs, and basic spiritual knowledge for Christians to be able to discern such as this.  Why would  “Christian” musicians need to imitate evil and look sinister to minister for Jesus? Convincingly, they cannot minister Jesus!
 Jesus did not conform to the evil world.
We cannot reach the lost by winning their evil favor.
Nevertheless, if you try to point out right from wrong or good from evil, it is usually a so called “Christian” who throws in a stumbling block.  People want to be comfortable in their complacency or sin. Another appearance of evil is The Walking Dead television series that so many Christians are captivated with. In any case, let me weigh in a little more of my so called “judgement” on this topic, and I am sure to be “judged” bitterly for it.   As I mentioned before, we are instructed to abstain from all appearance of evil.
 So then, aren't we supposed to recognize and discern an evil appearance?
 When we are rightly discerning good from evil, we can tell the difference.  It should be common sense for even a babe in Christ, a lost sinner, an atheist, a satan worshiper, or anyone to recognize that zombies have the appearance of evil.  The term “walking dead” is evil to the core!  These putrid, decaying “things” with their bones and guts showing, walk around trying to eat people. Perhaps people don’t realize that they are opening up the door to demonic activity in their life when they watch such wickedness.
  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12.
  Yes, there are evil spirits that war against us! It is a fact. God’s word is truth!  Either you believe it or you don’t!  Evil is not pretend or real, it is real!
Too many “Christians” don’t seem to care about discerning evil from good.  They watch such shows, and they listen to musicians who openly worship the devil.  Having freedom in Christ does NOT give us the freedom to indulge in sin. There is danger for the children of God who do so.  If there was not, the Bible would not contain warnings! Yet, for those who speak out, we are told by those with little Bible knowledge not to judge. 
  Then there are Christians who won’t, in humble love, correct their brothers and sisters in Christ because it is uncomfortable. Then again, “Christians” are the ones more likely to despise us for it, even though correction is not judgement.
  Now, we cannot determine someone’s eternal destination on our own, but we can know whether a person continues to sin, thus that person’s soul is endangered.  The devil is lying to people to convince them that Biblical correction is condemning judgement.
 “… have compassion, making a difference and save others with fear, pulling them out of the fire: hating even the garment defiled by the flesh. Jude 1:22-23
The church is filled with baby Christians still crawling around unable to stand and getting into everything!  They cannot digest the ‘meat of the Word’ and are still dragging around the bottle. Furthermore, they are picking up any and everything off of the floor and trying to digest it just because it looks like “spiritual nourishment”.
On the other hand, there are those who don’t even seem to care about growth at all.
Solomon asked for wisdom to judge the people and to discern between good and evil.  We too need spiritual wisdom to distinguish between the good and evil in this world.  We need to follow the Holy Spirit and know the word.  We can’t discern if we don’t know the word.
What if all Christians would test all things against the word of God?  Measure all television shows, ministers, doctrines, books, theories, music, ideas, etc.? I am sure that most people could find verses they could twist around to justify their own feelings of right and wrong.  We live in a fast pace world.  Many Christians find little time for God, prayer, and Bible reading.  Many are coasting week to week on fumes from a Sunday sermon.  For some, a quote is all they have for the entire day or week.  Once more, Christians are doing what is right in their own eyes while not sufficiently dividing the Word of Truth. Christians are living on dangerous grounds when they live day to day this way.  It is no wonder why there is such little spiritual discernment in these days.  The church body is sluggish, quiet, idle, and lenient regarding absolutes of right and wrong according to the Bible.  For the most part, preachers are not preaching against specific wrongs or sins.  Especially those certain wrongs their church members are passionately participating in.  The church lacks the desire to distinguishing between good and evil.
Where are those crying out with passion and broken sobs,
 “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers?  Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” Ps. 94:16. Why are so few of God’s people preparing the way in this wilderness?
Where are the “Johns” exclaiming,
 “The Walking Dead is a demonic horror show! Set no wickedness before your eyes! Repent!”
“Pull the plug on cable television! It’s full of evil and is the gateway of demonic influence in the home!”
“Turn the popular, secular radio off so you hear the Lord instead of BeyoncĂ©!”
“Follow not that which is evil but that which is good.”
“Stop bringing the world into the church using its allure to reach others for Christ!  The gospel is sufficient!  Jesus doesn’t need help from the prince of this world! Repent!”
“Cussing and foul language are wrong!  Let the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart be pleasing unto the Lord!  Don’t cuss like the devil during the week then speak wholesome words dripping with honey on Sunday morning! Repent!”
“Do the will of the Lord, not the will of the majority!”
“Dress decently!  Stop showing your breasts, and wearing dresses that shows your butt if you bend over!  Modesty isn’t legalism.  It is commanded in the word of God. Repent!”
“Mothers, take care of your children and your home!”
“Fathers, man up and be the spiritual leader of your house!  Pray for your family.”
“Be doers of the word and not just hearers!”
“Churches, do not participate in reverse beauty pageants! It is an abomination for a man to dress as a woman! Repent!”
“Cast down your idols! This is anything in your life that takes precedence over God such as:
social media
surprisingly, even church activities!”
The list goes on!
This is discernment according to the Word of God.
Take some time to study and rightly divide the Word yourself.
   Our lackadaisical attitude towards comprehending and abiding by God’s word has made us apathetic and unresponsive to evil in the world today.  Only a handful seems to care.  The church has been lured in and that’s why so many are defensively crying out,
“Judge not!”


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    1. Thanks for hosting, and thanks for the "wow". I am glad you enjoyed my post.
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    1. I am thankful for such a nice comment. I am glad you enjoyed my post.
      God bless.

  3. God bless you, Chris, for "crying aloud and sparing not". How we need to be in prayer for the conditions of our day! Love you, sweet friend. :)

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I love you too. Sometimes I fell like I'm too stirred up about issues, but, as a Christian, there is so much out there today to cry out about. I plan to keep on crying out about it though!
      Love ya.


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