Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Link Up &Urgent Prayer Request (Link Up Is Live Until April 5th)

Hello friends.
On this week's 
Tuesday's Rubies Link Up,
I am asking for a favor.
I need some prayer warriors, please!
Our family is going through so much.
  My daddy, for the last couple of weeks, has been in and out of the hospital.
  It is too much to explain, but his mind is not clear and he is not thinking "normal" at times.  He recently hit a light pole with his truck, but he didn't get hurt.  He collapsed with a seizure and was catatonic for about an hour. However, after a hospital stay, MRI, CT, and Spinal Tap;
we still have no medical answers.  
There is also a major spiritual battle going on in him.  Our whole family is on the front lines of this battle. Some of us know how to fight and some of us don't. We are getting knocked down quite a bit. 
At times, I am at a loss and so overwhelmed. At other times, God's word encourages me and strengthens me for battle.
Something has to be done in this situation.  My father can't be alone.  My mother is worried for both of them.  When he is home, she doesn't sleep a wink.  I have spent every night, except three, away from home for the past two weeks.  I am either on the couch at my parents house keeping watch or sleeping in a hospital.  I don't know how we can keep on living like this.  We need rest, and daddy needs to be whole again.
This has happened so suddenly, and there are no answers.
Please remember my daddy, Glenn, in your prayers.  Add him to your church's prayer list.  
I appreciate your prayers.
Now, I would like to feature some amazing posts from last week's link up.

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Link up as many posts as you'd like, and
 please say a prayer before you share.
I love and appreciate you all!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Link Up Tomorrow

I am sorry, but the link up will be a little late. Come back and link up tomorrow.  My daddy is in the hospital, and I haven't had time to do the link up yet.
 Please say a prayer for my

Monday, March 14, 2016

Tuesday's Rubies Link Up Celebrating Over 100,000 Views

Welcome to another Tuesday's Rubies
Link Up Party!
This is a special time for 
So Much At Home!
In a little less than 20 months, my blog has had
Last week we had some wonderful posts in the
 Tuesday's Ruby Link Up Party!
Here are the featured posts.

Now it's time to link up more great posts!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Tuesday's Rubies: A Link Up Party

Welcome back to another fun link up party!
Last week we had an awesome party filled with so many great posts.
I am so excited about our featured posts!
 Without further ado, here are the featured "gems" from last week's 
Tuesday's Rubies!

Our first post is one near and dear to my heart because I too have written a review of Fuller House here. 
Here is
a christian mom's opinion of fuller house
Two thumbs up! 
Please take a minute to visit this wonderful blog!

Our next featured post excites my very soul!
It is all about feasting on the Word of God!
Here is 

Our last featured post is
also delicious!
Here is

Wow! What amazing featured posts from an awesome link up party!
Now it's time to share some more of your wonderful "gems"!
Please share only Christian related posts.  Posts may pertaining to just about anything such as:
Bible Studies
Christian reviews
Please share my button.
So Much At Home

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Fuller House Review

Saw a little of Fuller House the other day……..
*Warning!  This review is based on actual scenes from the show, and details may be disturbing.*
First of all, you might be asking why I even watched any of this show if it was so bad.
First of all, according to all the talk about the show,
I thought it was suppose to be a great show with “good” characters.  Although I had my doubts, it was not as obviously "bad" as other shows.  For instance, I didn't have to watch any of The Walking Dead to know that it was an evil show. That was very obvious!
 However, it didn't take long for my doubts about Fuller House to turn into reality. Just during the first episode, I was in shock.
  I didn't care to watch and follow the show's plot any further, but I did want to know more about the show so I could tell others about it.  
 I browsed through a few episodes and what did I see?
 Skimpy dressing!
 Drinking (Seems they love tequila.)!
 Tons of sexual innuendos!
 DJ, Kimmy, Becky, and Stephanie get drunk at a bachelorette party and come home with men’s(stripper) underwear.
 While acting drunk,Candace Cameron Bure says, “Awww we should drink all the time.”
 Skimming through another episode, the girls are in a night club, dressed skimpy, drinking tequila shots, and dancing sexually with two men they met at the night club.
Well, that was enough!
 More than enough!
Just from randomly skimming through about three episodes, I had all the facts I needed to write a review of this so called "wholesome" family show!
 Yes, you do see some family love and support,
 but that’s not the point!
  After researching other Christian reviews of the show, I found out that there is also a reference to DJ and Kimmy as being “lovely lesbians”.
 I found out that there are also plenty of sexual undertones in Fuller House, including a masturbation joke involving Stephanie and her volcano-making nephew that will likely go over kids’ heads, but was still inappropriate.  I hate being so descriptive with the information that I have uncovered about this show, but I want people to know the truth. We need to know how to answer those who defend this movie, especially fellow Christians.  What do we say when they ask, "What's so bad about it?"?
Back to my review.
  In another scene, Uncle Jesse asks his wife Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) if she’s exhausted from what they did last night. He also makes a joke about semen.
 Then there was the "Becky Special"!  Becky had promised Jessie, her husband, the "Becky Special". Later he replies to her by asking, "You're not going to make me give myself the Becky Special are you?"
 What's more, references to gay and lesbian behavior made it's perverted way into the show as well.
 Kimmy planted a big kiss on Stephanie.
 There is also an "accidental" kiss between two guys.
There are also numerous jokes about drugs.
Wake up “Christians” this is not a good show according to what the Bible tells us to set our minds on!
 Nothing pure or wholesome about this show!
  No Netflix in this house!
Why no Netflix?
I say no Netflix because, although there are a few good shows on Netflix, there are also hundreds of terrible shows.
 Netflix membership is very inexpensive.
  It costs between $7.99 to $11.99, so it seems like a great option being able to pick and choose the shows you want to see without commercials.
 However, I am not giving our family's $9.99 to help Netflix (and Satan) keep streaming shows such as Fuller House and others like
 The Walking Dead. (Click on link to read post.)
  Besides that, the movies and shows that are suggested by Netflix can be appalling, and you can't help seeing their suggestions. 
I will gladly stick to watching
 wholesome dvd and vhs movies.
Image result for road to avonlea
Image result for Little House Caroline prayingImage result for anne of green gablesImage result for road to avonleaImage result for little women movie

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Little Easter Charm

Easter is only 26 days away, so today I enjoyed decorating. 
I love decorating with Spring and Easter decor along with Bible verses! 
Here are two beautiful Rabbits that I found at 
a treasure store.
I love the detail in their dresses, especially the baby bunnies in her apron.

 I made this basket and these eggs last year. 

 I like to decorate by putting a few items on my sideboard.

A vintage book adds such nostalgia!
  It reminds me of my childhood days visiting our local library.  Our library always displayed seasonal books and small figurines.  I especially love these two little bunny figurines.

Here is a peek inside the book.

 In the basket, I have a vintage print with scripture.

It's the simple things that makes a home feel special!

This is the second and last place I decorated.  I like to keep it simple.

This birthstone bird figurine was a gift from my mother.  She purchased it from The Olive Branch Christian Book Store.

This was a last minute idea this afternoon.  I used a doily, an old frame, and an image I printed from my computer to make this vintage/Shabby looking wall art.  
As you can see, I used stick pins to attach the print.

 Since I only had red candles, I wrapped these with old hymn paper.

Here I used some egg cups from my collection!

Makes me Smile! :)

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